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Book your Fit session with one of Australia's most qualified fitters

Discomfort, lacking power, niggling knee pain, tight back or sore shoulder can all be eliminated by getting your bike fitted correctly by a FIT professional. Our resident FIT expert Adam Nicholson has trained under some of the cycling industries most experienced and accomplished FIT professionals. 

Adam worked at Specialized Global HQ, Morgan Hill California where he was trained in a scientifically proven FIT methodology.  Guess work or “that looks pretty good” just doesn’t cut it when you want to get the best out of yourself and your machine.

It doesn’t matter if you are training for Ironman Cairns, the RRR, or just riding a couple of kilometres to and from work each day – everyone will benefit from a correctly fitted bike. You will be less susceptible to injuries, gain power and be able to ride for longer and more often than someone on an ill-fitting bike.

Specialist Fit pricing starts from $280

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