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At Pump’n’Pedals we believe everyone should have a chance to ride the bike they love. That’s the exact reason we’ve partnered with Studio 19 Rentals to offer you more flexibility than ever before when looking at your next bike.

We can now offer you the option to RENT YOUR DREAM BIKE, and own the adventure!  

So who are Studio 19 Rentals and What do they have to do with Pump’n’Pedals? 
Great question! Studio 19 Rentals – rent you which ever bike you choose from us! The choice is yours, Road, Tri, Mountain Bike with a RRP of $2500 or more.

It really is a fantastic system, you choose the bike of your dreams from us, we send a link to your mobile phone where you fill in the Studio 19 Rental application and get a response, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!

So where does your new bike come from? Your Brand New bike comes from us!  If we have it in stock you can have it today!! 

Studio 19 Rentals simply rent you your bike for a minimum 6 month period, at which point you can hand the bike back, keep renting it or apply to buy it outright, as a matter of fact you can make an offer to buy your bike outright anytime from the first day of rental.

This all sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?  We’re happy to answer any questions or you can check our Studio 19 Rentals FAQ’s HERE

We welcome questions about this amazing new way of getting on your Dream Bike today, hit us up over FaceBook, Instagram, Phone, Email or just swing by the shop 

We are absolutely stoked to be working with Studio 19 Rentals and you will be too.

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